College Acceptance Steps

College Application Steps

Most Colleges and Universities use the Common Application; please refer to the video on the Guidance Website to learn more about the Common Application.

  • Create a Common Application account – go to www.commonapp.org
  • Explore schools you may be interested in applying to – if a school is not part of Commonapp, go directly to the school’s website to apply
  • Select your schools and complete the application – if you need assistance, refer to the tutorial video on the Guidance website: http://rhs.randolph.k12.ma.us/students/guidance_department
  • Check the admission requirements for each college – make sure you provide any information required by the college, including supplement, essay, specific writing samples, appropriate number of letters of recommendation, and/or standardized testing (SAT/ACT) – you need to request your SAT/ACT scores directly from Collegeboard.or and/or ACTstudent.org
  • DO NOT request teacher and counselor recommendation letters from Commonapp – you do this in Naviance
  • Make sure you submit your applications before the DEADLINE
  • REMEMBER  to complete the FERPA authorization, which will allow you to match your Commonapp with your Naviance accounts
  • Activate your Naviance account – see your Guidance Counselor if you do not have an account or you forgot your password and need password reset
  • Check/update your Naviance account – make sure your email and your parent’s/guardian’s email are accurate
  • Match your Commonapp account to Naviance – if you need assistance, refer to the tutorial video on the Guidance website – if a school you are applying does not use Commonapp, you still need to add the school to your list on Naviance
  • Complete the teacher recommendation, guidance recommendation, and activity sheet, in your “document library” (on the right side of your Naviance family connection page) –  save the forms as word documents and email or hand them to your teacher and guidance counselor – also request transcript from your guidance counselor
  • Provide your Guidance Counselor with at least10 school days’ notice before your first college application deadline so we have sufficient to submit all your required documents


Make sure you submit your college applications before the DEADLINE